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59 EUR/KIT in Webshop:

Heat the water of your pool with solar energy,
at last at an affordable price
We offer you the cheapest solution to this, with a simple but admirable solar carpet of a new design
It can be assembled and disassembled in 2-3 minutes.
It can be fitted to the pool without tools, glue and screws, with cheap PVC pipe elements, pipes of 32mm.

Size of package: 36cmx31cmx12cm, 5,10 kg

Content of package:

2pc of solar carpets (2x 2mx1,12m, gross surface 4,24m2
net heating surface = 3,24m2,
1pc of repair set. 2 sacks
4 pc of nipple, 2 pc of sleeve, 16 pc of cable binder,
1pc of silicon glue, service manual
(Quantity appropriate for minimal configuration.)
(In case of certain circulation pumps, plus one flexible conduit may be required!)

In case of this kit the customer has to fit the nipples to the carpets withthe enclosed silicon glue and cable binders on the basis of the instruction.Due to this, it is not possible to put into operation the solar carpetsimmediately, the binding time has to be waited, which shall be 4 butpreferably 24 hours!


– It has been designed to aboveground garden pools of inflatable edge or of metal frame as well as to their low-performance water circulation pump. (max. 75 watt, 3200 litre/hour).

Based on the last tests it can also be used to higher-performance pumps, which belong to the mechanical engineering of large-sized under surface pools, in case maximum 4 carpets are connected in series and the additional carpets are connected in parallel. Over-pressure has to be eliminated by tapping the water in front of the carpets.

– It is manufactured from strong, thin black PVC foil, thus heat transfer towards the water is perfect. In case of damage it can be repaired by using silicon glue and cable binder.

– The size of 1 piece of solar carpet is 2m x 1.12m, its net heating surface is 1,62 m2.  The solar carpet operates with complete flow, there is no need for special valves or taps.

– It resists hailstorm, strong wind, it is step-proof. Easy to clean and deaerate.

– It can be connected between the pool and the pressure arm of the water circulator with cheap, standard PVC downflow pipe system of 32 mm. The size of the circulation pumps and the flexible conduits belonging to them is also 32 mm. In a normal case there is a need neither for glue nor for binding clips/locking rings. If there is no need for it, the solar carpet can be disconnected from the system (and can be put away) by simply pulling out the pipes from one another. It can also be installed with 2 metres of PVC pipes far from the pool, since the flow is much better in flat-wall pipes than in flexible conduits.

– Due to its tractable size it can be moved easily, and several solar carpets can be connected based on the possibility of plenty of variations, by taking advantage of the conditions of the area around the pool. It can be enlarged with additional sets.

– It can be installed by laying it plane, tilted on a fence, hung on a wall or scaffold. In series or parallel, in compliance with the pump performance. On the sides of the solar carpet there is a velcro, with which they can be fastened to one another and the enclosed sacks can be fixed, as well as in the two sucks poles, wooden slats or the pipes of 32 mm can be put and hung up by means of these. However, in case of laying it on the ground there is no need for any kind of fixation.

– One solar carpet stores 14 litres of water which is enough in order that it can absorb the heat of the sun without heat loss for 15-30 minutes. Therefore there is a possibility for a periodic operation of the water circulation pump, thus much current can be saved. We can achieve it by a cheap time switch clock. In case of a periodic operation, there is a possibility for gaining 30-60 litres of water of 40-50 degrees, with which we can heat up a jacuzzi or water in small pools to be very warm. Injuries caused by hot water can be prevented by a simple connecting.

– Guarantee is concurrent for the inflatable products, 6 months of replacement guarantee. As a result of its character, a possible manufacturing defect shall emerge concerning the first putting into operation as well as by reaching the maximal temperature. In this case we change the defective product instead of repairing it. A manufacturing defect can easily be assessed and can be differentiated from a damage brought on by over-pressure. Owing to the simplicity of the product, in case of a normal operation there can not occur any kinds of defects. Damages caused by the user, such as tear caused by over-pressure, cutting or stab are not liable for guarantee. There are no accessories, either, which could get spoiled.

Sizing of the product:

1 kit is offered to pools with a diameter of 3,6m (6000 litres)

2 kit are offered to pools with a diameter of 4,5m (11000 litres)

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